Featured Non-Profit

To start 2021 off, we reached out to our Instagram followers and asked who YOU would like us to donate to. We had a great response and landed on Beverly’s Birthdays. We love this organization for a ton of reasons, but especially because they are committed to creating special memories and occasions for the birthdays of less fortunate children. This resonates with us, because we know that not everyone can send the $80 bouquet, or do the fancy dinner, but everyone deserves to feel special. 

Beverly’s Birthdays was formed in 2011 by Megan Yunn after she met Beverly, who shared she had never had her own birthday celebration or birthday cake. They became an official 501C non profit in 2012 and have since celebrated 30,000 birthdays! The organization has partnerships with low income schools, domestic violence shelters, and housing programs, primarily in the Pittsburgh area.