About Us

About Us

Karma Kookies is a women owned small business that lets friends, strangers, families and lovers send good Karma in the way of a cookie gram, while simultaneously sending good Karma into the world with a $1 donation to a rotating non-profit. When you gift a Karma Kookie, the recipient receives a fun and flirty branded package, two tasty heart-shaped cookies (one to "GIVE" and one to "GET"), the Karma card you select, and a personal note. We are a brand built on empowerment and encouragement- our cards are expressive of that.

Our Story

It may be a relatable story- wanting to “change the world” yet letting life quickly pass you by and making no impact bigger than yourself. Wanting to “run your own business” yet never acting on any great idea you had. Feeling like a dreamer but never a doer.

This was me for many, many, years. But then I turned 28 and the stars aligned in the least practical way. My personal life was filled with scary disruptions, at the same time my professional life was feeling more and more mindless and reactionary.

Remember that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred. I made the choice to morph what I was feeling into something I was proud of. It was time to create my social enterprise, make a business while making an impact on the community and a good cause. This was the birth of Karma Kookies.

Karma Kookies went through many different phases, and at one point even allowed you to send someone bad Karma (poop shaped Kookie and telling them to eat shit!). It was through my journey that I came to the decision of GOOD VIBES ONLY, and shifting focus to the power we make in each other’s lives when we support and empower each other.

You know what they say about Karma- what goes around comes around. We wanted to create an affordable product where you felt just as good giving it as receiving it. A product where when you received that brightly branded package and note, you felt GOOD, and wanted to keep feeling good and share the feelings of goodness with everyone around you. And lastly a product that was doing good- helping non-profits and people share their stories and raise funds to do good in their own ways.

Our Guiding Principles


Ever felt left out? Yeah, us too. But there’s a difference between being included in everything, and being included in something. Karma Kookies strives to make each and every individual sending or receiving a Karma Kookie to feel included in something. Karma Kookies first originated as a for-women by-women product, but by revisiting our core guiding principles, we diversified our Kards to reflect messages that will brighten someone’s day, regardless of who that person is. Welcome to the community of good vibes.


“Honesty is the best policy” has been etched in our brains since our first days of school. Yet we’ve all found ourselves, exaggerating the truth or hiding the truth, when we could have just told the truth. This brand is built from the heart- we want our community members to speak from the heart, and we will always lead by example.


Genuine may just be our favorite word. You can be a lot of things in life- it may sound cliche but the possibilities are truly endless. But are you really anything at all if you’re not genuine? Some may think Honest and Genuine are the same thing- but honesty is telling the truth while genuine is being the truth. We want our community to feel comfortable being their authentic selves, so we'll do the same.