Why Karma Kookies

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Gifting has been around for quite some time. We all know the story of the Three Wise Men at Christmas- I doubt they invented gifting but the point is, it’s old. 

Gifting has certainly changed quite a bit through the years, with online options, and newly created occasions (gender reveals?!), that have taken some of the fun out of giving, turning it into an obligatory, expensive experience. 


We created Karma Kookies because we wanted to create a gift that felt good giving! Our platform lets you send cookies and cards to friends, coworkers, family...whoever! We also donate $1 from every package to a rotating non-profit, so your gift is even bigger than the recipient. 

We picked cookies because cookies are pretty universally loved, and it’s a product we could have some fun with. Our signature Karma Kookie is a giant, rainbow sprinkle masterpiece, and each box comes with two! One to get, one to give, but we’ll keep your secret if you eat both yourself. 

Each box also comes with a personalized card, and the personalization is free! Our affordable price point of $15 includes free shipping, free personalization, and the $1 donation. We wanted our product to be something you could send for a special occasion, or no occasion at all.

Can we retire the lavish flower bouquets and Edible Arrangements?! Send something as thoughtful as you are, and feel good doing it!

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