Valentine's Gifts for Every Love Language

Posted by on’s more than in the air, it’s flooding the CVS aisles and your FaceBook ads. With February 14th right around the corner and most couples still working from home, wading through the greeting card procrastinator masses on your lunch break to pick out that *perfect* card just won’t work this year. That’s’re going to have to think ahead. 

So if you’re going to think ahead, you might as well be thoughtful about it. Isn’t that what everyone says, it’s the thought that counts? Well what is more romantic than being SO in tune with your partner's love language that your gift is catered exactly to how their heart speaks. 

While we’d like to reiterate that Karma Kookies is the perfect gift (shameless plug) for a special occasion or no occasion at all, we’ve put together this Valentine’s Day gift guide for every love language. 

Words of Affirmation 

Pretty self explanatory, but if this is your sig other’s love language, they appreciate written or spoken words that are supportive, positive, potentially cheesy, and confirming. 

An outdated gesture that is unfortunately overlooked, would be a love letter. I’ve gotten a couple in my day, and you better bet I’ve kept every single one. This is a free option, and will be cherished forever. Few things in life can fall into both of those categories.

Another option would be this cool custom bag, from Shop Forward. You pick 4 words that either describe the person, or 4 things they love, and it gets printed on a tote! Added perk- this organization is also a social enterprise and has donated over $4M to various causes! Grading was not a part of this blog post, but if it was, we’d give them an A+.

Acts of Service 

If this is how your person speaks, they love when you DO things for them. For example, folding their laundry or cleaning up after dinner. 

The obvious answer here is making a bomb Valentine’s Day Dinner. Instead of crafting the menu around what you’re best at making, think about what your partner enjoys most. Put in a little more effort to cater the meal to his/her appetite. Then, do the freaking dishes. 

To up our game in this category, put some thought into something they don’t enjoy, and find a fix for it. For example, if she hates washing the car, gift certificates for a local car wash. Hate thinking of food to make for dinner? Blue Apron can fix that. Cleaning a drag? Schedule house cleaners or check out this cleaning supply subscription company

Receiving Gifts 

What things do they like? Okay, buy that. 

Maybe a little oversimplified but your lover loves things, and luckily in the US we do not fall short when it comes to consumerism. 

To get your mind juices flowing, think about what they like, and then upgrade it. For example every year I buy and then lose or break around 5 pairs of cheap sunglasses. I’ve been told that having a nice pair would halt my destruction, and if true, that would make a lovely gift for me (hint hint). Maybe your one and only loves the beach, but they still use an old sheet or grandma’s quilt on the sand. A beach blanket they can keep forever would make a lovely gift. Does he love wine but continues to drink the same old stuff? Check out this online natural wine distribution and club, we can personally verify they have great taste. 

Quality Time

We aren’t biased at all (smirking) but this is by far the most fun love language. Spending quality time together means making memories together and what better gift out there exists? 

When it comes to quality time, remember, it’s not just that they want you to just spend quality time together, they want you to want to. So pick something you will in no way complain about. Also, do the leg work here. If you give an AirBnB gift card and say- “pick anywhere you want!”, it’s far less thoughtful (to most), than a gift card with your top 2 locations, and some ideas for activities at each. There’s one idea for you by the way. 

A gift that keeps on giving for those who love activities would be this date in a box subscription or this Hunt A Killer murder mystery box. During this quarantine era it may seem like you spend so much, too much, time together. But watching Netflix and making fun of each other’s conference call voice is not exactly quality. So tap into that right side of your brain and use some creativity, open up your eyes and ears to what your partner actually enjoys, and nail this very easy gift giving category. 

Physical Touch

Well...there are some immediate things that come to mind here but you probably already thought of that too. 

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, you could get a massage kit or book a couple’s massage. You could get an extra large, extra soft cuddle blanket. It may have a pretty hefty price tag, but you could probably live under this blanket, and for $10 extra you can get it embroidered. You could sign up for couples yoga, or if feeling really adventurous, sign up for a couples dance class. You could make a mix CD with 26 tracks all of Oliva Newton-John’s “let’s get physical”. You know, cute sh*t. 


Hopefully this Love Language Gift Guide gave you some ideas! If you don’t know your partner’s love language, could always get them a lot of Karma Kookies :)

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