the rest is still unwritten

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Staring… at the blank page before you...THE REST IS STILL UNWRITTEN.

Hopefully you read that in the tune of Natasha Benningfield’s one hit wonder song (sorry, Natasha), but if you didn’t it’s still a solid description to my first blog post here. 

I’m figuring out how this space can best be used. I imagine it as a place where I can bring you along in the journey of Karma Kookies, share joyous moments from around the world, and bring a smile to a face or two. 

For the first blog post it only makes sense to share how Karma Kookies came about in the first place. The year is circa 1998, I’m playing in the woods with my neighborhood best friend Meg. Sun is shining, overalls are buckled, life is good. Meg and I decide to open our very own business- selling dirt, door to door. I won’t bore you with our revenue model but I share this story because I feel entrepreneurship has always been in my blood. 

Fast forward to the year 2017. I’m sitting in my cheap swivel corporate office chair, typing away. My starry eyed millennial soul is crushed. Is this life?? Calendar invites forever and then you DIE?!

A catalyst in the form of a scary, unfair and unpredictable life event hit hard, requiring the support of friends and family, strangers, an amazing non-profit organization, and our legal system. 

That was my final push. 

Karma Kookies, a concept I had been toying with for far too long was put into action. The business is centered around kindness, from all angles. I wanted to create a product that was accessible to all and able to be sent for any occasion or no occasion. I wanted to create a gift that felt good giving. Lastly, knowing that life is way more than me, you, he, she etc, I wanted to create something that had a lasting effect past the product itself, which is why we donate $1 from every package to a rotating non-profit. 

Until next time….FEEL THE RAIN ON YOUR SKIN!

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