On Not Knowing

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Sometimes our lack of knowledge can be the biggest advantage of all. 

I’ve been working on mastering the perfect cookie recipe lately. Many google searches later, I’d still fallen short of perfection, and while perfection can be an illusion, in this case it is not.

Little known fact is that although I can claim to be an entrepreneur, I’m not a natural at baking, nor an expert. The delicious heart shaped cookies have been whipped up by a local bakery, but with our growth, it’s time to move into our own facility (more on this later) which means we are baking our own cookies. Which means we need our own recipe. 

So I’ve been making more cookies than I could possibly eat, or share. I’ve meticulously followed many “best ever” (lies) cookie recipes. I just hadn’t found “the one”...so I embraced my ignorance.  

Sometimes our lack of knowledge is the biggest advantage of all. When we don’t confine our ideas or actions to how something should be, it frees us up to what could be. 

So I didn’t follow the recipe, I followed my HEART (did I say heart? I meant taste buds), trusted my instinct, and made my favorite cookie yet! Hopefully your favorite too. 

I believe the power of not knowing can translate into our lives in so many ways. Taking guidance from an expert/boss/teacher can certainly be advantageous, but think about it this way- they can never unlearn what they know. They are limited in a way your mind and imagination is not. 

Perhaps ignorance can be more than bliss after all. 

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