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On Getting Started 

There’s a quote I love by Chuck Close, a famous artist. He says (this is a shortened version and I sincerely recommend checking out the longer version), “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work”. 

This does not mean inspiration is a bad thing- it means if we sit around all day and wait for a sign, the perfect timing, motivation, money, or approval, your moment will likely never come. It means inspiration comes OUT OF the work itself. 

This is all too relatable to Karma Kookies. I’ve kept a journal ever since I could write, and in more recent years kept a business idea book too. Growing up I always talked about how I wanted to “change the world”. Then I had my business idea book and would jot down concept after concept, sketches, the whole shabang. I read the business novels, listened to the business podcasts, watched Shark Tank religiously and dreamed of being an entrepreneur. 

But that’s all I ever really did- dreamed. 

Sometimes you really need to just say EFF IT and get going. The current version of Karma Kookies is far from the starting point, and likely far from the final point as well. It’s a constant work in progress but there would be no progress if I didn’t take a cold hard look in the mirror and ask myself, what am I waiting for?

Here’s a couple things I have found useful in getting started. 

  1. Hold yourself accountable publicly. For awhile I barely talked about my aspirations with Karma Kookies because I didn’t want people to follow up, when I would then have to say “Oh, I haven’t started yet”. When you start telling family and friends about what you’re doing, it becomes official. Talk it UP. 
  2. Make SOME sort of commitment. If you’re starting a business file an LLC, or buy a domain name. If you’re on a fitness journey sign a contract with a gym or trainer. Looking for a new job? Pay for LinkedIn Premium. Do something that contractually locks you in. 
  3. Let go of all excuses. ALL OF THEM. 
  4. Have some people in your corner that aren’t afraid to tell you like it is. 

We humans like to complicate things but it really is so simple. Nike put it best- Just Do It. 

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