Making Kindness Accessible

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One of the founding reasons I set out to create Karma Kookies was to make kindness and gifting more accessible.

I personally think there’s just as much joy in giving gifts as receiving them (maybe that’s just my love language talking). But why is that joy reserved for those who can afford $90+ bouquets, and why does it need to be so extravagant? I thought it was the thought that counts? That’s a pretty expensive thought. 

My goal was to create a product that you could send for any occasion, or no occasion at all. I wanted a product that had a comfortable price point to send, but just as great of an impact to receive. Lastly I wanted a product that kept giving, which is why we include both a “give” and a “get” cookie, and donate $1 from every box to a non-profit. 

I’ve learned that it is TOUGH to scale a business based on a $20 product. Your cost of customer acquisition eats at your margin that much quicker, your AOV is light, and it can feel like the unit numbers you need to hit to be profitable are unattainable. 

We’ll likely add some items that will help counteract those^ concerns, but the point is, when I think about how challenging this can be at times, I remember why I started. And that keeps me going! 

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