Life, Love, and Flavored Jams

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I heard about a study once that has always stuck with me.  

Psychologists, studying consumer behavior, published what they discovered from selling jam at the supermarket. On a regular day at the local store, they had a display of 24 jams and allowed shoppers to sample. On a similar day, they showcased 6 jams. The larger display brought in many more people, but when it was time to buy, the larger display sold just one tenth of what the smaller display sold.

In essence, we think we want choice, but when we have plenty of it, we don’t choose anything at all. 

In love and dating, this seems very 2020, at least for my fellow millennials out there. With dating apps, there are ENDLESS choices (also, endless fish pictures and men who claim their greatest talents are folding fitted sheets). You can just keep on swiping until you find one that’s 6’2” AND enjoys chick flicks, but yikes- he took his credit card out from a velcro wallet and looks like the swiping starts again. 

Life in the broader sense also often feels like there are infinite options. Where to live, what to do, who your friends are, where to dine...the list goes on. We are suddenly faced with decision paralysis and choose nothing at all, life chooses for us. 

Let’s stop fooling ourselves into thinking more is better. With endless options, not only are we less likely to ever make a choice, we are more likely to be dissatisfied with our choice. 

Sometimes, less really is more.  

P.S. You may be wondering what this blog post has to do with Karma Kookies. Honestly, I don’t know. 

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