It's a Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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I was just listening to a Hidden Brain podcast- Reframing Your Reality Part 2, and one particular study they discussed in it has stuck with me, and is a good reminder at just how powerful perspective can be.


In a Stanford study, researchers told participants that they were creating a personalized exercise/nutrition program for them based on their genetics. They had them perform a treadmill test, and then had them come back the next week to go over their "genetics" and do it again. 
After the first round, the researchers shared with the participants whether or not they had a gene that made them respond poorly or positively to exercise, which was fictitious info (the gene does exist in general though). Those who were told they had the gene that made them respond poorly to exercise, did much worse on the treadmill test, their lung capacity was reduced, and they were less efficient at removing carbon dioxide, compared to their own self just a week prior. 
It is wild to me that not only did people quit the treadmill sooner when they thought they had the "bad gene", it had a physiological impact on them too - even their lungs performed worse! 
Moral of the story - life can be a self fulfilling prophecy. Don't underestimate how powerful your mindset can be! 

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