Gotta hustle!

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If you spend any time on LinkedIn (or for the sake of this post, TikTok) you've probably seen a good chunk of posts praising passive income, working 5 hours/month on your side hustle and hitting 5 figure months, manifesting a dream life, starting a lucrative drop shipping company, or flipping a house over the weekend/turning it into a high margin AirBnB...all with a snap of the finger.

That sounds great! You may start to wonder...why can't that be me? 

So here's a small reminder that if something seems TOO good to be true, it probably is. 

With some exceptions, if it's worthwhile and it's real, it takes A LOT of work to get there. Not saying the passive part can't exist, but it usually comes after the active part.

Spending $99/month for access to their course and community probably will not unlock the secret to a dream, minimal effort life. But putting in the work might get you somewhere. Good luck!

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