Gifting 101

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The holidays are upon us! Hopefully you’ve already done your Christmas (or holiday of choice) shopping, but on the off chance that you haven’t, and struggle to pick out gifts, here’s an exercise to help you decide. That is of course, if you’re not gifting Karma Kookies!

Step 1: What are 3 things this person really enjoys? Let’s hypothetically say:

  • Hiking 
  • Music 
  • Golf 

Step 2: Break down each of the above into actions 

  • Go hiking, learn about hiking, photograph hikes, dress for hiking 
  • Go to concerts, listen to records, wear merchandise
  • Lose your golf ball (lol), practice golf, dress for golf, watch golf 

Step 3: What are items/services for each action?

  • Hiking route map/book, event with REI, camera or photo album, wool socks 
  • Concert tickets, records of their favorite album, merch from their favorite band or something unique off Etsy
  • Extra golf balls, golf lesson, pullover, tickets to a tournament

It can seem daunting to pick out gifts, especially for someone that seems like they already have everything. But usually we try to skip to Step 3, and it just makes it that much harder. Try this out and let us know if it helps!

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