2020, year in review

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This year has been a tough one. There’s no doubt of that. When I try to be overly optimistic about lessons learned and personal discoveries, it feels forced. 

I recently read a passage in a book that discussed optimism. It said, “optimism is recognizing the glass is both half full AND half empty, but choosing to live in the full”, or something like that. It resonated because simply acknowledging a bad thought, hurt feeling, or fear, can be enough to put it away. If you don’t, it will still creep up and likely at an inopportune time. 

So I acknowledge that for the vast majority of us, 2020 really sucked. No use dwelling, so here’s some awesome things that happened for Karma Kookies. 

  • Karma Kookies had 3 different variations of cookies in 2020! After an extensive taste test with our Instagram followers, we crowned the OFFICIAL Signature “Karma Kookie”. This funfetti sprinkle cookie is moist, a little cakey, and deLISH. We love the color it brings to the box, and have had great feedback from our customers :) 
  • We kept getting asked the question- can you send more than 2 cookies? So we listened! You now have the option to send a standard 2 cookie box, or 4 cookie box. More cookies, more karma!
  • Upon landing on our new cookie, we moved into a new co-working kitchen! 
  • We added a bunch of new cards, including “just because” options, Valentine’s, Halloween, and Holiday! 
  • Corporate options are available! For high volume orders with the same card and message, we can simply take your spreadsheet and it’s hands off from there.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, we donated $574 this year! We can NO DOUBT double (let's make that a triple) that next year, and the next, and the next! 

To anyone reading this, thank you for joining on this Karma Kookies journey! Cheers to a “sweet” 2021! Let’s change the world, one cookie at a time. 

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